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P&F Charts - iCloud versus Local Storage

The app stores the following types of information:

  • app wide data such as the version number and your chosen chart colour palette
  • the names of all your watchlists and which stocks are within them
  • the details of all your stocks including the charting parameters for that stock and which indicator to show
  • the prices for each stock 

All of the above (except for the price data which is always stored on the local device) can be stored on either your personal iCloud account or your local device.  The default option is to use your iCloud account unless you are not logged into iCloud when the app starts.

The advantage of storing on iCloud includes:

  • The data is shared automatically between all your devices running the app - make a change on one device and it appears on the others
  • The data is backed up automatically so it all re-appears if you upgrade your device or delete the app and then reinstall it.

The advantage of storing locally includes:

  • You can run different sets of data on different devices
  • You can keep more stocks locally than you can on iCloud (although you are unlikely to run into the limit).

The following illustrates how to change between iCloud to Local storage. 

  1. Tap the “iCloud” button on the Watchlists screen, or, go directly to the Apple Settings app and find the P&F Charts entry (in this case skip to step 3)
  2. Tap ”OK” to open the correct page in the Apple Settings app
  3. Use the toggle switch to either turn on iCloud or off (to choose Local)
  4. Navigate back to the P&F Charts app and you will now see the iCloud icon with a slash through it (for Local) or without a slash for iCloud storage
  5. At any time you can go to the Support screen and select the “Merge iCloud and Local Data” to copy between the 2 storage areas (see here for more details)

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