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P&F Charts - Getting Further Support

There are a number of resources available should you require additional assistance in using P&F Charts. These are available via the Support screen as shown here.

  1. From either the Watchlists or Stocks in a Watchlist screen, tap the “Support” button on the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap to be taken to either purchase or restore a previously purchased in-app upgrade
  3. Tap to merge your iCloud and Local stores of Watchlists, Stocks, Parameters and Palette.  If you are currently using iCloud then it merges any Local data into iCloud.  It operates in the other direction if you are currently using the Local data store.
  4. Tap to enter your own AlphaVantage API key. You may wish to do this if you find loading stock data is becoming slower or you are often asked to try again in 1 minute because the server is busy. You can register for your own key at
  5. Tap to display this User Guide in a Safari window
  6. Tap to display web pages containing additional information about the app.  This area contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by other users
  7. Tap to display the full CleverInfo web site including a contact form and information on other apps available
  8. Tap to display a templated email for you to complete allowing you to notify us of any bugs or just to say hi
  9. Tap to display an email ready for you to send to a friend recommending the app with a link to it on the iTunes Store
  10. Tap to display the privacy policy on how we deal with data in P&F Charts

User Guide Table of Contents


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