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P&F Charts - Change Parameters for Drawing Charts

Every stock has a number of parameters that are used to generate the charts and remembered between sessions.  In general these are:

  • Information about the latest changes in price data
  • Parameters used to change the way the Point and Figure Chart is generated
  • Parameters used to change the way the Line Chart is drawn

The following information shows you how to change these parameters for a given stock.

  1. When viewing the Point and Figure chart of the desired stock, tap the “Parameters” button
  2. The first section provides general information about the Stock (e.g. company name, exchange, currency etc).  Tap “Display Name” to enter a new name used to identify the stock on the Watchlist screen
  3. You can move the stock from one Watchlist to another by tapping “Watchlist”
  4. The second section provides general information about the Price data. Change the type of price data used by tapping “Price Time Interval”.  Choices include intraday prices (e.g. 15min), Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  5. Tap “Reload LATEST Prices” to refetch the last 10 periods of price data
  6. Tap “Reload ALL Prices” to replace the existing price data with all prices available on the stock server
  7. Scroll down and you will find a section of Parameters used to generate the Point and Figure (P&F).  Information on these parameters can be found in the references here or other reputable sources on how to use Point and Figure Charts.  The parameters available include:
    • Box Size Type : logarithmic (%) or arithmetic (set value) 
    • Box Size : price value change to move from one box to another
    • Box Calculation Direction : “From Smallest” or “From Largest” - see here for more detail
    • Box Reversal : number of boxes before a change in direction is recorded.  Note: the app properly generates 1-box reversal charts
    • Calculation Method : which prices and algorithm is used to generate the chart : “Close”, “AdjustedClose”, “High-Low”, “Low-High” or “Open-High-Low-Close”
    • Data Period : how many months/years of data should be included in the chart
    • Show Months : should the month indicators (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C) be shown on the chart
    • Display Precision : how many decimal places should be shown on the box prices
    • Bear Counts - Factor : Full or 2/3rds : used in calculating target counts
    • MA Period 1 : number of columns included in the first Moving Average line
    • MA Period 2 : number of columns included in the second Moving Average line
  8. As an example, tap the “Box Size” entry to move to a screen of available values (see next step)
  9. Tap “Automatic” to let the app choose a suitable size for you
  10. Tap “Enter Your Own” to type in your own box size % or set size
  11. Tap any of the pre-set values to choose that one.
  12. Scroll further down on the Parameters page to see a section of Parameters for the drawing of Line charts.  These include:
    • Data Type : the price data used to draw the chart : “Open”, “High”, “Low”, “Close”, “AdjustedClose”
    • Initial Period : the initial amount of data to display
    • Moving Average : the type of average to display : “Simple (SMA)” or “Exponential (EMA)”
    • MA Period 1 : the number of days of data to use in the first Moving Average line
    • MA Period 2 : the number of days of data to use in the second Moving Average line

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