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I do more than write great apps.

Hello.  I am Jeff Brindle, the founder of CleverInfo.  I have over 36 years experience in many industries as a Program/Project Manager with a strong customer delivery focus.  I am also an unashamed geek.  

I work closely with all levels of an organisation from C-suite to business and technicians to help turn ideas into measurable outcomes. I have over three decades of experience delivering projects, programs and portfolios. My approach is to be optimistic, speak clearly, remove barriers, be hands on and make a positive difference for all stakeholders. 

Trusted Advisor to Senior Stakeholders

Over the last 20 or more years I have often worked directly with Senior Executives to help transform their ideas from a loosely formed concept into fully funded and stood-up transformation programs.  This includes strategy articulation, complex what-if economic analysis, business case development and stakeholder buy-in.

I have worked directly with C-Suite leaders of a big-4 bank, General Manager staff of multiple organisations and Senior Military leadership in both Canberra and Melbourne.

I bring a broad range of experience and skills to the table including:

Extensive Delivery Experience, Complex Problem Solving, Creativity, People Management, Negotiation, Stakeholder Management, Customer Focus, Combined Business and Technology Understanding, Presentation Skills and People Motivation.

Program and Project Delivery

If you already know what you want delivered then my 30 years of project delivery experience may be what you need.  

I have helped organisations deliver $100m+ bank-branch transformation programs, major HR system implementations including Business Program Manager for a 45,000 person SAP payroll implementation, multiple billing system implementations in Electricity and Gas and massive Defence oriented programs including Logistic databases for the Collins Class Submarines and Intelligence System acquisition for Joint Forces (TS-PV clearance held).

I can be your highly experienced IT or business Project Manager, optimise a range of projects as a Program Manager or ensure the right business outcomes are delivered as a Project Director.

Economic Analysis & Modelling

I love data.  Even more than that I love turning that data into really useful information.  And even more than that I love doing it in a way to enable interactive discussions to be held with CFO’s and Investment allocation managers on the fly.  

As an example, while recently working for a big-4 bank, I personally developed a highly interactive model to optimise a 5 year transformation plan for the bank’s customer facing components (branches, ATMs, call centres etc).  What would the real costs be?  What benefits would flow and how fast?  What are the options we could take?

If you would like more information or would to discuss potential opportunities to work together then please reach out.

Contact Details

  • Phone: +61 428 523 590
  • Email:
  • Please note that I reside in Melbourne, Victoria in the wonderful country of Australia should you be considering a chat over coffee.

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