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Transferring your data from one device to another


Clever Net Worth can be used on your Apple Macs, iPhones and iPads.  However each device maintains its own local copy of the data which is not shared between your devices (or with anyone else).  If you are using Clever Net Worth on multiple devices, a change made on one set of accounts will not be seen on the other device.

This is great if, for example, you are using the app for your accounts on a Mac and your partner is managing their own accounts on their iPad.  But what if you want to change the device you are using to manage your own accounts?  For example, you want to change from the Mac to your iPhone?

Luckily, since v4.3 this is relatively easy to do.  Just follow the steps below:

In summary:

  1. Install the latest version of Clever Net Worth on your new device
  2. If you purchased the Unlock Accounts inapp on your old device, ensure you have restored the purchase on your new device:
    • Tap 'Settings & Support'
    • Tap the 'New A/Cs Remaining = .... to UNLOCK'
    • Tap the 'Restore' button
  3. Ensure you are using the latest version on your old device
  4. Quit out of Clever Net Worth on both devices
  5. Open the folder containing the data files on your old device (see below for where these are)
  6. Open the folder containing the data files on your new device (see below)
  7. Transfer a copy of the following 3 files from your old device to your new device (see below for help on doing this):
    • CNWaccounts
    • CNWaccountSets
    • CNWpreferences
Done!  When you start Clever Net Worth on your new device you should now see all the accounts, collections and data that was on your old device.

Remember though - each device will continue to have its own copy of the data.  Changes made on either your old or new devices moving forward will not be reflected on the other one.

iPhone / iPad - opening the data file folder

  1. Tap on the Apple "Files" application:
  2. Navigate to the "Clever Net Worth" folder under "On My iPad" and open it:
  3. You should see the 3 data files:

Mac - opening the data file folder

  1. Open a new Finder window and click the search icon:

  2. Type 'CNWaccounts' into the search box and press enter:
  3. Right click on the file CNWaccounts.txt and then select the option 'Show in Enclosing Folder':
  4. Your folder containing the 3 data files will be displayed.

Transfer the files from the old folder to the new folder

How you copy the files from the old to the new device will vary depending on how you have your devices setup.  But here are some suggested methods.  Pick one that works for you.  Remember to COPY the files from the old folder (not MOVE) and REPLACE the existing files in the new folder.
  • SELECT and COPY the 3 files in the old device folder, and PASTE into the new device folder - note: you want to replace the files already in the new device folder.
  • Select and COPY the 3 files in the old device folder, and PASTE into a shared folder (like your iCloud drive if setup).  Access this shared area on your new device and move the files into the new folder replacing the files already there.
  • Select the 3 files in the old device folder and add them to a new MAIL message and mail them to yourself.  Then open the mail on the new device and SAVE the attached files into the new device folder


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