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What is shared between the Mac and iPad versions of the Puzzle Apps?

The various puzzle apps ('Anatomy Puzzles', 'Window Puzzles' etc) now work on both your Mac computer (desktop or laptop) and your iPad.  

iPad 'Window Puzzles'
Mac 'Window Puzzles'   

If you have both device types and use the same AppleID on each, then there is some special linkage between the two versions:

Any pack in-apps that you have bought will work on both without having to pay for it a second time.

As an example, if you bought the "Unlock All Packs" unlock on the iPad version of Window Puzzles, this is also available for free on the Mac version of the same puzzle app.  To access it, just start the Mac version, tap on the "Unlock All Packs" icon (which will initially have a price displayed), go to the purchase screen and hit "RESTORE".  Your purchase from the iPad will be restored and applied to your Mac version!  This is the same for any pack unlocks - e.g. Pack 1 etc.

And from version 8.0 onwards, you can also synchronise puzzle completion progress between your devices.

TURN ON iCloud Synching  to:

  • Synchronise puzzle progress, pack purchases, puzzles completed and number of autofills between your iPads and Macs.
  • Each device needs to be logged onto the same AppleID with iCloud enabled.
  • Other settings (e.g. sound) are set separately on each device and not synchronised.
  • This also saves your progress so it is not lost if you upgrade your iPad or Mac.

   TURN OFF iCloud Synching if:

  • You want to keep puzzle progress separate on each of your devices.

Note: the above only applies between the same Puzzle App - i.e. Window Puzzles on both or Anatomy Puzzles on both.  Buying "Unlock All Packs" on Window Puzzles will not unlock the packs on one of the other puzzle apps (e.g. Anatomy Puzzles).


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