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I deleted a balance in an Account but it still shows up in a Collection. Why?

This is the way collections work and is not a bug.  A collection brings together data from more than 1 account. In the case you are describing you must have a balance in another account on the date in question that is also included in the collection. For example, imagine a collection called "House Equity" which has the accounts "House Value" and "Mortgage" as members. To start with let's also assume that balances exist for both accounts on 8 Dec 2019, 15 Dec 2019 and 14 Jan 2020. The collection will show a balance on all 3 dates : the sum of the balances of each account on these dates. Now assume you deleted the balance on 15 Dec for the Mortgage account only. The collection will still show a balance on 15 Dec : the sum of the balance on 15 Dec for House Value and the previous balance for Mortgage  (the one from 8 Dec in this instance). You would need to also delete the balance in House Value on the 15 Dec for that date to disappear in the Collect

Can I share data between my devices in Clever Net Worth?

Not by default - but you can set it up to share the data via iCloud.  Here are some examples of why you may want to do this: You currently use the app on your iPhone but you want to start using it on a new iPad. You want to start using the app on your Mac instead of your iPad. Because data is stored locally on your device, it cannot be accessed automatically from another device.   For example, if you have both an iPhone and an iPad connected to the same Apple ID, Clever Net Worth may get installed automatically on both devices when you first purchase it from one of them.  However the two versions will act independently and not share data. You can however change this so you use the same data store on all your devices.  Go here for a guide on how to do this. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Can I automatically download my latest balance in Clever Net Worth from my bank account?

Clever Net Worth does not provide automatic linkages to your bank accounts.  This app is based on you entering (manually) a single balance whenever it suits you rather than capturing all your individual transactions (which would be a pain to do manually).  We choose to maintain an increased level of security by not needing the app to have access to your accounts. However, you can cut and paste the latest balance if you so desire.  On an iPad you can even have two windows open side by side (see the image below for an example) with say Clever Net Worth on the left and your bank’s app on the right and then cut and paste between them. First Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

What are AutoFills and how can I get more?

The AUTO FILL button will place the 4 puzzle pieces in the boxes below the puzzle into their correct locations. But you only have a limited supply. In Anatomy, Art, Map, Poster or Window Puzzles: You get 16 when the app is first installed You get 8 more every-time a puzzle is completed You get 32 more when a pack is purchased   Image by Computerizer from Pixabay

Where do the puzzle images come from?

Every puzzle image has been sourced with licensing that allows commercial usage (e.g. WikiMedia Commons with appropriate Public Domain or CC licences).  Every image source is linked so the player can access all the original metadata including attribution and licensing information if desired.  When playing any puzzle, tap the "Image Attribution" button (to the right of the image title).  A Safari window will be opened displaying the original source page. Image by AxxLC from Pixabay

How can I find a photo of my contact in Clever Contacts on the web?

Clever Contacts can assist you to find a suitable photo if you don't have one already in your photo library.  Just follow these steps: Find the person by scrolling or searching through one of your group lists. Tap on them to see the detailed person view. Tap of their photo. Now tap on "Assisted Web Search". This will open a window in the Safari web browser on the Google Image Search page. The search term will be automatically set to the full name of the person. Scroll through and see if any of the images are suitable. Remember to also check that you are allowed to use the image (it isn't licensed or in some other way protected). Tap on that image to bring up a larger version. Now hold down on the photo until a dialog pops up with a "Save Image" button. Tap this to save a copy of the image to your photo library. Return to Clever Contacts by tapping the "Done" button in the top left corner of the screen. Finally tap "Choose Photo&q

I don't use Apple Mail. Can I use my Gmail / Outlook etc email client in Clever Contacts?

Yes - Clever Contacts automatically detects which email clients you have installed on your device.  Initially it is set to send emails via Apple Mail but you can change it to use any of the following email clients (assuming you have these installed on your device): Apple Mail Sparrow Gmail Dispatch Spark Airmail Microsoft Outlook Yahoo Mail Fastmail Just tap on the "Settings" button at the bottom of the "All People" or group listing screens.  Note: on an iPhone you may have to first tap the "More..." button to see the "Settings" button. Then tap on the "Email Client" button and select the one you want to use. 

Can I share data between my different devices in Clever Contacts?

As of version 3.0, your can sync all your contacts, their group memberships, notes and any photos attached to notes between your various iOS devices. For successful syncing of data between your devices you need: More than 1 iOS device - e.g. an iPhone and an iPad The app installed on each device Each device logged into the same iCloud account - see the top of the Apple “Settings” screen for where this is located iCloud Drive is enabled on each device iCloud selected as the storage option in Clever Contacts “Settings” screen on each device Clever Contacts has access to iCloud in the Apple settings Each device to have Internet access NOTE: you can choose to store data on a particular device locally and not on iCloud by changing the storage type to “Local” in the app’s “Settings” screen. Image by  Gerd Altmann  from  Pixabay  

Where is my data stored - can anyone else access it?

All of the app data is stored on your local device or your own personal Apple iCloud account.  It is not shared with the developer or available to anyone else.  Only those that have access to your devices have access to your data. See below for additional information regarding data storage for particular apps. Clever Contacts All the contact related information (name, address, phone numbers, emails, contact photo etc) in Clever Contacts is actually saved in and read from your Contacts App on the device.  Membership in groups (e.g. Family), notes, photos associated with notes and other settings data is maintained by Clever Contacts in separate files. These will either be only on your local device or in your iCloud account depending on which storage option you have chosen in the Clever Contacts “Settings” screen. Clever Net Worth If multiple people have access to your iPhone or iPad you can protect your data from prying eyes using a password, Face ID or Touch ID - go to the “S