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Where is my data stored - can anyone else access it?

All of the app data is stored on your local device and, in the case of Clever Contacts , in your own personal Apple iCloud account.  It is not shared with the developer or available to anyone else.  Only those that have access to your devices have access to your data. See below for additional information regarding data storage for particular apps. Clever Contacts All the contact related information (name, address, phone numbers, emails, contact photo etc) in Clever Contacts is actually saved in and read from your Contacts App on the device.  Membership in groups (e.g. Family), notes, photos associated with notes and other settings data is maintained by Clever Contacts in separate files. These will either be only on your local device or in your iCloud account depending on which storage option you have chosen in the Clever Contacts “Settings” screen. Clever Net Worth If multiple people have access then you can protect your data from prying eyes using a password, Face ID
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How are the Puzzles Created?

  It may come as a surprise to some but there is a lot of work involved in creating the puzzle files used in my Anatomy Puzzles, Art Puzzles, Map Puzzles, Poster Puzzles and Window Puzzles apps.  All up it takes around 30 - 40 hours to create the 14 puzzles in a single pack. Here's a quick summary of the process used for each and every puzzle: First of all I need to search the web for interesting images that are: relevant to the pack being built,  high enough resolution (at least 2000 pixels on the longest side),  available for use in my apps (public domain or available under a suitable Creative Commons licence),  and most importantly be interesting and beautiful.   The above step alone can take some time and I will often search out at least 20 potential images for each pack - some don't make the grade in later steps. Next, I use the amazing iPad app "Procreate" with an Apple Pencil to: prepare the image - crop out unwanted portions, improve brightness if needed etc.

I'm Left Handed. How can I set this in the Puzzle apps?

  The various puzzle apps (e.g. Anatomy Puzzles, Art Puzzles, Window Puzzles etc) all use the mechanic of dragging a puzzle piece with your finger to the correct place in the puzzle.  By default the apps assume you are right handed and offset the piece to your left so your finger and hand do not obscure the piece while you are moving it.  But what if you are left-handed? Not to worry, all the puzzle apps have a left or right handed setting.  To change from right to left (or similarly back to right), tap the corresponding 'L' or 'R' button at the bottom right of the puzzle choice scene.  The setting will be remembered. Setting to Left handed mode will now offset the puzzle pieces to the right of your finger...just what is needed to not obscure the piece. Here is an image showing these buttons in Window Puzzles.

What is shared between the Mac and iPad versions of the Puzzle Apps?

The various puzzle apps ('Anatomy Puzzles', 'Window Puzzles' etc) now (or will do very soon) work on both your Mac computer (desktop or laptop) and your iPad.   iPad 'Window Puzzles' Mac 'Window Puzzles'    If you have both device types and use the same AppleID on each, then there is some special linkage between the two versions: Any pack in-apps that you have bought will work on both without having to pay for it a second time. As an example, if you bought the "Unlock All Packs" unlock on the iPad version of Window Puzzles, this is also available for free on the Mac version of the same puzzle app.  To access it, just start the Mac version, tap on the "Unlock All Packs" icon (which will initially have a price displayed), go to the purchase screen and hit "RESTORE".  Your purchase from the iPad will be restored and applied to your Mac version!  This is the same for any pack unlocks - e.g. Pack 1 etc. However, the following thi

How do I turn Sound Effects on and off in the Puzzle Apps?

The various puzzle apps (Art Puzzles, Anatomy Puzzles etc) play a couple of sound effects by default when playing a puzzle: A "pop" sound when a piece is correctly placed A deep "bong" sound when a piece is placed in an incorrect location An angelic chorus sound when the puzzle is completed. You can choose to turn off these sounds by tapping the speaker button on the bottom right of the puzzle choice screen (next to the right / left icons).  The speaker button will look like one of the following: Sound Effects are currently on.  Tap this to turn them off. Sound Effects are currently off.  Tap this to turn them on. Turning the sound effects off will let you listen to your own music while playing the puzzles (for example, start the Music app, select some music and then go back to the Puzzle App).

I deleted a balance in an Account but it still shows up in a Collection. Why?

This is the way collections work and is not a bug.  A collection brings together data from more than 1 account. In the case you are describing you must have a balance in another account on the date in question that is also included in the collection. For example, imagine a collection called "House Equity" which has the accounts "House Value" and "Mortgage" as members. To start with let's also assume that balances exist for both accounts on 8 Dec 2019, 15 Dec 2019 and 14 Jan 2020. The collection will show a balance on all 3 dates : the sum of the balances of each account on these dates. Now assume you deleted the balance on 15 Dec for the Mortgage account only. The collection will still show a balance on 15 Dec : the sum of the balance on 15 Dec for House Value and the previous balance for Mortgage  (the one from 8 Dec in this instance). You would need to also delete the balance in House Value on the 15 Dec for that date to disappear in the Collect

Can I share data between my devices in Clever Net Worth?

Not yet automatically - but iCloud sharing is coming in a new release soon. Because data is stored locally on your device, it cannot be accessed from another device.   For example, if you have both an iPhone and an iPad connected to the same Apple ID, Clever Net Worth may get installed automatically on both devices when you first purchase it from one of them.  However the two versions will act independently and not share data. You could copy a data set from one device to another by using the Export and Import function (see here) but this is a manual and non-straight forward process. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Can I automatically download my latest balance in Clever Net Worth from my bank account?

Clever Net Worth does not provide automatic linkages to your bank accounts.  This app is based on you entering (manually) a single balance whenever it suits you rather than capturing all your individual transactions (which would be a pain to do manually).  We choose to maintain an increased level of security by not needing the app to have access to your accounts. However, you can cut and paste the latest balance if you so desire.  On an iPad you can even have two windows open side by side (see the image below for an example) with say Clever Net Worth on the left and your bank’s app on the right and then cut and paste between them. First Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay